Causes That Hit Home

We care deeply about our community, and are proud to partner with local organizations that are making a difference.

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Empowering Cape Cod women with much-needed services and resources that aim to provide stability, create opportunity, and foster self-sufficiency.

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Chatham Fund

While many of us are drawn to Chatham for its beaches and recreational opportunities beauty, there are those among us who struggle with low-income jobs, poor access to healthcare, and scarcity of affordable housing. Everyday challenges like these can make living on the Cape difficult.

To address these challenges, a group of local residents has established The Chatham Fund. A local initiative under the The Cape Cod Foundation, the fund acts as the endowment for Chatham - a perpetual pool of assets to benefit worthy organizations that serve the Chatham community. The Fund's mission is wide-ranging-to improve and enrich the quality of life in Chatham through informed and judicious grantmaking.